November 1, 1987  ◦  Dublin 1, Co. Dublin, Ireland
+353 (0) 834 72 87
Web Applications, Ubuntu/Debian, NetBeans/Eclipse, Python/ES6/PHP, Git, Linux


More than five years of experience in full stack web engineering mainly with Python, PHP, JavaScript, Linux, SQL/NoSQL DBMSs and virtualization.

Strong software design skills, looking forward to developing a career as Software Architect, having gathered extensive knowledge in integrating a broad range of cutting-edge technologies.

Active free and open-source software contributor.


Full Stack Web Application Engineer

July 2015 – todayUdemy , Dublin

Chief Technology Officer

June 2014 – November 2014 ◦ Indievelopment, Dublin

Full-Stack Web Architect

January 2013 – June 2014 ◦ Vivocom EU, Spain

Senior Software Engineer

September 2012 – December 2012 ◦ Vivocom EU, Spain

Junior Software Engineer

April 2011 – January 2012 ◦ Vivocom EU, Spain

Software Analyst & Developer

June 2009 – April 2011 ◦ InDaHouseRulez, Spain

Computer Technician

September 2008 – June 2009 ◦ Carlos III University of Madrid, Spain


B.Sc. Computer Science & Engineering

August 2007 – present ◦ Carlos III University of Madrid, Spain


Working Knowledge

S/W Development: PHP, Java, Python, Node.js, JavaScript, NetBeans, Eclipse.

S/W Architecting: Open-source based, IaaS/PaaS.

S/W Engineering: UML, OOP, MVC, ArgoUML, Visual Paradigm.

Continuous Integration: Git, Github, Travis CI.

Agile Development: Kanban, Scrum.

Web frameworks: Yii, Symfony, Django, Flask, Jekyll.

JS frameworks: Ember.js, ExtJS, jQuery.

UX/UI: HTML5, CSS, SASS, Twitter Bootstrap.

Database Engineering: Entity-relationship modeling, MySQL Workbench, MongoDB.

S/W Quality Auditing: Reliability, efficiency, security, scalability.

Server-side Optimization: PHP/MySQL/MongoDB, Profiling/Benchmarking, Caching, xdebug, load testing.

Client-side Optimization: PageSpeed, CloudFlare, Amazon S3.

Functional Testing: PHPUnit, Selenium.

Web API Design: REST, OAuth, Swagger.

Build Automation: Make, Grunt.js, Chef.

Others: Debian/Ubuntu, Bash/ZSH, Vim, Regular expressions.

Basic Knowledge

Test/Behavior Driven Development: PHPUnit, Vows.

CMS Development: Rails, Redmine, Drupal, Wordpress, Chamilo, Moodle.

Web API consuming: WSDL, SOAP.

Cloud Computing: VirtualBox, Amazon AWS, Linode, Heroku, Microsoft Azure, scalability.

Message-oriented middleware, Message Queuing: XMPP, Web Sockets, Socket.IO, AMQP, RabbitMq, Celery, Amazon SQS.

Concurrent Computing: multi-threading, background jobs, workers.

Reactive Programming: Akka.

Machine Learning and Data Analysis: Numpy, Scipy, Scikit-learn, Pandas.

Pentesting: Metasploit, Wireshark.

Others: PyGTK, Google Apps, LaTeX, Gimp, Pomodoro, server hardening, Titanium SDK, OpenWrt.


Spanish: C2 native English: advanced B2


Open Source

Yii extensions: OAuth and OpenId along others.

Redmine extensions: OpenId Selector, Aurora theme.

Assembly line simulator: Developed with Java. Each robot is run on a different server. They all communicate throught TCP/IP. There is also a SCADA for the control of those remote stations. Project for ARCOS, Computer Architecture and Technology Area of the Carlos III University of Madrid.

Natural language to Java compiler: Java app that transforms a program descripted in natural language into a Java program. Project for GIAA, Applied Artificial Intelligence Group of the Carlos III University of Madrid.

Lumpy: Python app that sends an email to a single recipient straight to his MTA.

Tic-tac-toe Sandbox: Python framework for developing tic-tac-toe bots with different playing algorithms like minimax and neural networks.

Vows At: JavaScript project that improves tests readability. Written in CoffeeScript.

RFID USB Listener: Python app that reads the events from a RFID reader via USB.


Personal Website Static website, built with Jekyll, open sourced and deployed on Github Pages.

AJBID Association of Retirees of the Inter-american Development Bank. Website backend built with Yii & MySQL, database migrated from XLS.

Surprizes Online affiliation system built with Yii 2 & MySQL, hosted on a VPS linux server.

X Bikes Single-page web app for finding availables bikes on bike sharing systems all over the world with CityBikes REST Api. Built with CoffeeScript & Bootstrap, deployed on Github Pages.

Nórdicos en Adopción Nonprofit animal shelter. Built with Drupal, hosted on a VPS linux server.

Falacias Lógicas Nonprofit critical thinking disclosure website. Built with Jekyll, twitter bot with Tweetpy, open sourced and deployed on Github Pages.

Yii Slides Yii slides for talks and teaching. Built with RevealJS, open sourced and deployed on Github Pages.

Projects Manager Redmine instace for managing the projects, integrated with Gitolite, deployed on a VPS linux server. Currently migrated to Github.

Personal Blog Wordpress instance for saving code snippets, links, etc., deployed on a VPS linux server. Currently migrated to TiddlyWiki & Jekyll, hosted on Github Pages.


Competitive Programming

Open Source community